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Posi-Machine 3000

Posi-Machine 3000, or pm3k, was a straightedge supergroup consisting of 6 superstraight superstars, whose over the top antics proved to be too much for today's hardcore crowds. The people just couldn't seem to fathom the greatness that they were witnessing as pm3k danced around the stage, belting out such tunes as "vitamin C", "sit up straight", "103", "drugs are gay", and of course, pm3k's super-anthem, "straightedge blowtorch." Their shows were interspersed with skits such as the giant orange for vitamin C, teaching a "fan" how to sit up properly, or of course, the giant pack of cigarettes attacking the singers, and then being set on fire by the drummer. Posi-Machine 3000 played one show, and the crowd watched in awe, not quite understanding the futuristic scene they had witnessed. The ultra positivity of the machine was too much for their hardcore minds to handle, and pm3k knew that the world was not yet ready. But the pm3k prophecy has foretold that someday, the world will need a shining symbol of all that is positive to break through the blackness of evil and negativity, and when that day comes, the Posi-Machine will re-unite, and save the world once again from the forces of evil...


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